Why School Counselors?

Read about how and why school counselors work with elementary school students.

Boys Town Social Skills

Westmont Elementary uses the Boys Town Social Skills to help our students develop respectful attitudes and relationships. Learning and practicing these social skills at school helps children transfer them to home, community, and even futures, and using good social skills helps children succeed. Social skills are explicitly taught by the school counselor and reviewed with an emphasis on one skill each day. See the Boys Town Social Skills teaching schedule.

Second Step

Springfield Platteview Community Schools has selected Second Step Elementary and Second Step Bullying Prevention Unit curriculum materials to support the teaching of counseling standards. We teach additional lessons to help students think about their futures and careers and to address any classroom needs that arise. Second Step provides home links and family letters to acquaint families with the skills your children are learning in school and to help practice them at home. 

District Counseling Department

For children to learn at school, their basic needs must be met - needs such as food, shelter, and clothing. Additionally, when we seek to educate the whole child, we are concerned not just with the very important academics, but also with mental health. Your Westmont School Counselor is available to help students and families meet their needs not only by providing guidance lessons and counseling at school but by helping you connect with community resources. Visit our district counseling department website to find out more about some of these available to you.