Westmont News

Our students are making headlines, and we want to share all the great news with you. We will keep this page updated with important announcements, news stories, and student shout-outs. Please check back often, and help us celebrate our students’ many achievements.

Junior Cheer Clinic

Platteview cheerleaders are proud to present their glowing with pride junior cheer clinic on Friday, October 8, 2021. The cheer clinic will be after school until the halftime of the football game at Platteview High School. The clinic is for grades kindergarten through sixth, and the cost is $30 per child. The clinic includes a t-shirt, pom poms, dinner, and free admission to the game. Please contact Head Coach Angela AuBuchon with any questions and return the registration form in our Westmont Wire newsletter by September 28.

Boys Town Skills

Each day our counselor, Ms. Susman teaches a different Boys Town social skill. In an effort to increase the students' use of these skills, we will add them to the newsletter each week. Our hope is that you will reinforce these important skills at home.

Monday, September 20 – Accepting “No” for an Answer:

  1. Look at the person.
  2. Say “Okay.”
  3. Stay calm.
  4. If you disagree, ask later.

Tuesday, September 21  Accepting Criticism or a Consequence:

  1. Look at the person.
  2. Say “Okay.”
  3. Stay calm.

Wednesday, September 22  Disagreeing Appropriately:

  1. Look at the person.
  2. Use a pleasant voice.
  3. Tell why you feel differently.
  4. Give a reason.
  5. Listen to the other person.

Thursday, September 23  Making an Apology:

  1. Look at the person.
  2. Use a serious, sincere voice.
  3. Say “I’m sorry for…” or “I want to apologize for…”
  4. Explain how you plan to do better in the future.
  5. Say “Thanks for listening.”

Friday, September 24  Having a Conversation:

  1. Look at the person.
  2. Use a pleasant voice.
  3. Listen to what the other person says.
  4. When there is a break in the conversation, ask a question or share your thoughts.

Destination Imagination

Please send in your Hy-Vee receipts dated September 1 through December 31. The Destination Imagination program collects these to raise money for their program. Hy-Vee donates five dollars for every $1000 worth of receipts we turn back into them. The class that contributes the most money in receipts will receive donuts in January!

From the Art Room

Our school is a member of Artsonia, the largest online student art museum. Artsonia showcases artwork from thousands of schools around the world. The goals are:

  • to develop students’ pride and self-esteem,
  • increase their multicultural understanding through art,
  • and involve parents and relatives in student accomplishments.

We send an email to any students who have not signed up in the past. The email is asking permission to publish your child's artwork online. The permission will cover the tenure in our school district, K–12.

The student's artwork will only have his/her first name and an assigned number (i.e., JoAnna642). Family and friends can become fans of student artwork and leave comments. Parents must pre-approve the comments before posting them on the website. Parents and fans will receive an email after the student's artwork is published online. The parents and fans receive an email when a new work has been posted and can print the artwork to keep as keepsakes. The school receives twenty percent of the revenue. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Johnson.

SYAA Girls Basketball

For girls first through sixth grade, it's time to register for SYAA girls basketball! Please register online at Platteview Jr. Trojans. Registration closes on October 15.

PTO Fall Festival

Westmont Elementary’s PTO is excited to announce the Fall Harvest Festival on September 30 from 6:00 until 8:00 p.m. The rain date is October 7. The festival is an important and fun fundraising event for the PTO and helps us support and celebrate our teachers and students. Please watch for additional information coming home with students. Don’t hesitate to contact Westmont PTO if you have questions or would like to volunteer. We look forward to seeing you at the Fall Harvest Festival!